Poster Competition

ICA International Poster Competition

 October 2019

 First Prize US$2000

The International Colored Gemstone Association (ICA) will have its biannual congress in Bangkok Thailand on October 12-15, 2019.

Thailand is world known as one of the best sources for unique red ruby, blue sapphire, padparadscha sapphire, and many other high-quality gemstones. Bangkok is the beating heart of one of the most beautiful arts and culture centers in the far east of Asia, as well as a capital of stunning pieces of jewelry.

This is the third time that Bangkok is hosting ICA congress since ICA foundation in 1984. Previous congresses were events to remember. During the years of its inception, ICA has become one of the international leading jewelry and gemstone trade organizations.

Jewelry shops in Bangkok are rich with rare pieces, the most astonishing designs and the overwhelming and outstanding gold and silver craft. No wonder that coming to Bangkok makes anyone a captive of the loveliest welcoming.

Traditionally, ICA conducts during its congresses a poster competition dedicated to the promotion of gemstones. In the last couple of years, the world was introduced to “fake reality”, “fake facts” and “fake news” which had an effect on our society. ICA looks on the coming congress as a unique opportunity to contribute its opinion on the subject emphasizing the authenticity of gemstones – unique colored minerals created by nature millions of years ago.

Therefore, the main theme of the coming poster competition will be

“Gemstone – a genuine treasure to hold on to”

In the light of this concept ICA invite graphics designers worldwide to design a poster (or posters) which include a design of a piece of any kind of jewelry adorned with colored gemstones.

Prize for the winning design

First prize- one winner – US$2,000

Second Prize – one winner – US$1,500

Third prize- one winner – US$1,000

The prizes will be sent to the winning designer after the conclusion of the ICA Congress in Bangkok on October 12-15, 2019.


The coordinator of this competition is Yehuda Kassif, who is a special advisor to the BOD.


Guidelines for the new posters are as follows:

  1. The main image of the poster should be a design of a piece of jewelry, several pieces or a full set.
  2. The design can be done by colored hand-sketch or any computer software.
  3. The piece of jewelry should include colored gemstones (pictures can be found on ICA web-site)
  4. The poster should include the name of the association “ICA -International Colored Gemstone Association” in English only.
  5. Posters may include any other images as well and any slogan that will express the values of ICA.
  6. If possible, it should also reflect phases of the gemstone business:  usage of natural sources, mining, producing and trade.
  7. In order to express the internationality of ICA, designers are asked to try and express their own culture by using also their language or national symbols and icons.
  8. Special attention will be given by the judges to unique and original jewelry designs

Submitting designs

A graphic designer may submit up to 3 (three) designs.

Each poster should be submitted separately on 4A size paper, The CMYK should be detailed on the submitted printed 4A page.

On the reverse side of each submitted poster should appear Name, and full address (including e-mail and full phone number).

Colored printouts have to be submitted along with a digital file on disk on key, disk or flash drive in one of the following forms: AI, EPS, and PDF. The file should not exceed 2 (two) MB and suitable for printing in high resolution, not less than 300 (three hundred) dpi, fit to be printed on A3 page (for exhibition).

All entries will be exhibited during the ICA Congress in Bangkok (October 2019) where ICA BOD and congress delegates will vote for their favorite design.

Designers are invited to learn more about ICA, former competitions and a variety of posters dedicated to colored gemstone on ICA website:

Instructions for submitting entries:


The deadline for receiving posters is 20 September 2019

The color print and the digital file on disk or flash drive should be submitted only to the Coordinator (contact details below).


By submitting the poster to the competition a designer declares that she/he is the rightful owner of the design/s, the image/s and/or any slogan that is used.

It is declared hereby that ICA will be the only owner of the winning posters. The winning designer acknowledges and permits ICA to use the posters in any form and manner the organization chooses to.

It is further declared that ICA will not return the submitted entries to the designers.

ICA is not obliged to accept all posters that will be submitted.

Should any ICA member or Congress participant like to use any of the jewelry designs that will be shown in a poster, it is declared here that ICA Head Office will create direct contact between the two parties but the association will not be a part of this contract.

It is further declared that ICA will not return the submitted entries to the designers.

Entries should be sent to:

Yehuda Kassif


Mobile: ++972-58-409416

Home:   ++972-3-5333792

Regular Mailing address:

Yehuda Kassif

19, Ha’Erez Street

OR YEHUDA, 6039619


For further information please mail Yehuda Kassif at